Proud to be sponsored by Asmar Equestrian

I am so proud so be sponsored by Asmar Equestrian. All of their designs are simply beautiful – you can’t keep me out of them! They are perfectly tailored and are the perfect example of functionality meeting high-end fashion.

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Spring 2012!! Its upon us :)

Well, the new year has gotten off to a running start! I can hardly believe we’ve made such a dent in it already…
We are officially inside the 6 month countdown to that little thing called the Olympic Games, and I can imagine the thousands of athletes who are preparing for the intensity of this final drive to qualify, get selected, and stay healthy until showtime.

I’m pleased to share that Port Authority is making all the right steps towards achieving our goal of kicking tail at a Spring CCI and qualifying for London. Progress is good, and I’m going to keep up with the program that our team has put in place for us.

New to the team this season is Lee Byrne and the staff at KESMARC Florida. Ollie has been visiting often over the last 2 months, and I’m seeing a big difference in his body. Feeling it, too!! His trot is more powerful than ever and his hind end is so well muscled. It’s nice to see such a strong, happy boy at the start of our season.

As much as I focus on the big guy, he now shares the stage with a few others, and I won’t forget them!!

Vienna did her first real Prelim at Rocking Horse in Altoona, FL! She was so good, really stepping up to the plate and focusing on her job. I’m so proud of her for trying so hard to learn her new sport, and showing so much potential!

Trubie and Mosby ( the OTTB’s) are no slackers either. Both have been initiated into the club of baby event horses by jumping ditches, banks, logs and playing in the water at Longwood Farm last week. We are going to have so much fun!!

Through all this action on a daily basis, I am working hard on staying focused on actually treating myself like an athlete. I have started back up with Dave Freeze, the sports psychologist I worked with as a Young Rider in BC. Dave is excellent when it comes to giving me tools to overcome the distractions that could prevent me from staying focused on my short (and not so short) term goals. I am paying much more attention to details like proper nutrition and sleep… Seems simple, right? But these “details” are all part of the big picture which to me, is about keeping a positive attitude. Amazing how square meals and a bedtime make things seem a little easier to handle!!

This last year has been full of challenges, and it was easy to let some things distract me from keeping my eyes on the prize… My priority with Dave is to make sure that I develop good habits so I can focus on being as good as I can be at my job! More on this as we go, because I feel strongly that our mental game is something we can control, and it’s something that can be the difference between success and failure. We can’t ignore it in between competitions!!

Anyways, I’m off to check out the state of my schooling area after last nights epic tropical downpour. I think I’ll be playing in some sandy mud today!!